What is Sharkskin made of?

Sharkskin is made from the most advanced technical fabrics available for watersports. At Sharkskin we are constantly seeking out the best new fabric technologies to keep you warm while participating in your favourite watersports.

How do you wash Sharkskin?

This will depend on your use – if worn under a wetsuit to keep you warm then a rinse in fresh water in a dive tub or on a hanger with the garden hose is perfect.

If you wear Sharkskin in high heart rate, intense watersports where you will be sweating a lot then you can also schedule a rinse using a mild anti-bacterial agent like ‘Neptune Wetsuit Wash’ every so often. Neptune Wetsuit Wash is not as aggressive as most detergents and is formulated especially to rejuvenate fabrics.

If you are using sharkskin where it will get especially dirty – fish residues while kayak fishing or dirt and mud during multisports for example, then you may need to use a machine wash with a gentle detergent.

What is the difference between the various Sharkskin Chillproof tops?

The Chillproof top and Climate Control top are both 100% made from the Chillproof fleece material (nylon abrasion resistant outer layer / windchill proof, breathable technical middle layer / hollow yarn fleece inner layer). The Chillproof top has a 3mm neoprene neck gasket designed for wearing under a wetsuit or for whitewater paddling where you don’t want water entering the neck area. The Climate Control top has a 1/2 zipper (instead of a neoprene gasket) designed mainly for above water watersports, (kayaking, multisport, SUP paddling, kiteboarding, windsurfing, jetski, etc), where you may need to vent via the zipper should you get too hot. The zipper design would be uncomfortable under a wetsuit.

Does Sharkskin need to be tight or loose?

This really depends on what your favourite watersport is.

If you are wearing Sharkskin underneath a wetsuit then you will need to make sure your Sharkskin garment is ‘fitted’ so that it is comfortable and does not bunch underneath your wetsuit.

If you are wearing Sharkskin as a standalone garment (not under a wetsuit) and in and out of the water (EG – SUP, surfing, surf ski, kiteboarding, windsurfing, skiff sailing, etc) then it is best to make sure your Sharkskin garment is more ‘fitted’ than loose. Chillproof material absorbs water when fully immersed and so if the garment is too large it can become uncomfortable with the extra weight of the absorbed water.

If you are wearing Sharkskin as a standalone garment out of the water 100% of the time (EG – recreational kayaking, as thermal wear for mountain biking, skiing, etc) then you may be more comfortable with a slightly looser fit.

The exception to wearing Sharkskin ‘fitted’ is the Rapid Dry range. Rapid Dry is designed to be worn slightly loose like your favourite T shirt.

Can you layer Sharkskin up?

This is often the best way to wear Sharkskin for watersports. Because Chillproof is designed to be worn fitted and Rapid Dry top is designed to be worn loose like a T-shirt you can pull a shortsleeve or longsleeve Rapid Dry top on over a Chillproof ‘next to skin’ layer anytime.

A great combination for Winter watersports is a Chillproof garment (chest vest, short or longsleeve top) to keep your core nice and warm with a Rapid Dry longsleeve worn on top to handle sea spray and for sun protection on your shoulders and arms.

For active watersports wear the chillproof chest vest with rapid dry as a top layer. For less active watersports choose either the chillproof shortsleeve or longsleeve top (with or without zipper) with rapid dry as the top layer.

The Rapid Dry tops also work well over the Performance tops. The compression material in the performance designs draws blood to the muscle groups in your shoulders and arms to help with endurance and recovery. Because of the extra sensitivity with increased blood flow you can get cold more quickly. Wearing a Rapid Dry top over the performance top adds an insulation layer to ward off windchill while being thin enough to keep you from overheating.

You can also layer down. If the Sun bursts through and the air temperature climbs – just take either the chillproof ‘next to skin’ layer off or the rapid dry top layer off.

What water temperature is suitable for wearing Sharkskin as a Drysuit Undergarment?

It depends on what type of material your Drysuit is made from, your work rate, time underwater and your tolerance to cold. Usually you will also feel the cold more if you are female and/or over 50 years old.

Below is a rough guide built up from those using Sharkskin Chillproof under their various types of Drysuit.


Extreme cold water: 0 to 4 degrees C (32 to 39 degrees F) – Sharkskin Chillproof undergarment + 400 gram additional undergarment.

Up to 16 degrees C (61 degrees F) – Sharkskin Chillproof undergarment + 200 gram additional undergarment,

Over 16 degrees C (61 degrees F) – Sharkskin Chillproof undergarment by itself.


Drysuit + Sharkskin Chillproof undergarment by itself.

The Sharkskin Chillproof undergarment wicks moisture and sweat away from your skin to keep you dry and warm, and if you do have a Drysuit leak Sharkskin still keeps you warm.